Sunday, August 3

Swimmin' With Sharks

Yesterday while ralph went on his shark fishing adventure parker and i went to the club with lacey and daniel. we started in the shallow end and she seemed to enjoy it. i held her for a while while she got used to the water. next, she tried holding her breath and swimming underwater. this was not her favorite activity of the day for sure (see the crying picture). we put her in her life jacket so she could float. she was very content, and i think had fun. we found a little shark floating in the water so we took some pictures to show daddy that we could fish for sharks just like he could. after we got out of the water her diaper was so huge but she didn't seem to mind it. we laid naked in the evening sun, dried off and then sure enough went to sleep.


Sarah said...

Anna, how much fun is that? I loved the little life jacket! Hope y'all are doing well. Miss you.


Chris & Kristy said...

She is so cute!! I can't to meet her in person. We miss seeing you guys. Keep updating your blog so I can keep tabs on you guys.