Saturday, August 2

Double Digits.....10 lb 14 oz To Be Exact!

Yesterday we took the short drive to visit dr. greer. he and his sweet nurses were happy to see parker and delighted to meet her proud Grammy. ralph had already decided last week that she was 10 pounds now, but i was having a hard time believing it. his theory was that he has picked up hundreds of 10 gallon plants so it was easy to tell that she was 10 lbs. this was true and he proved to be correct. she laid so sweetly on the scale and it read 10 lbs 14 oz! the nurses said that was a great gain from her last weigh in at 7 lbs 12 oz (1 week old). so i've decided to post some pics of her bath time to go along with her wight gain so you can all see how cute her little round tummy is. bath time, by the way, is still an iffy experiment. she hasn't committed to the fact that she loves it, but also never cries. she typically just has a confused look on her face and sits in silence until she's wrapped up all nice and warm in her towel. im sure she will grow to love it soon!

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