Monday, September 8

Finally.....An Update!

WOW.....we love charter internet service ha! finally after several weeks we have internet at our new little duplex. it seems like it is taking forever to get everything together and we are still moving in and out of storage every night. nothing is really put together right not but please feel free to stop by and visit us any time. our new address is 1383 KURT CIRCLE AUBURN, ALABAMA 36830. here are some new pics for the time being. parker is so loving and laughs all the time. she smiles and her new "trick" is pulling up her dress. anything she can get her hands on (dress, blankets, lamby etc) she grabs and pulls right up over her head. its so funny and cute. we try to play pee-pie, but she hasn't really caught on to that. enjoy the pics and say tuned. we literally have thousands more to post!

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Ashley said...

Hey Anna,
Parker is so cute!! I am glad I found your blog and love all her pictures. Tripp still loves covering his head up and playing peek-a-boo!